Why Have a Home Birth?

At Sacred Space, we truly love what we do, and we bring knowledge, skill and passion to every birth we attend. Because care is individualized, we take pride in supporting birth the way you want it. If you have religious or cultural practices that you want incorporated into your birth, we encourage and honor those practices. If you want a straightforward, evidence-based birth that resembles mainstream care, we can provide that as well. It is your birth, and you get to decide how it looks. Our job is to support you in whatever way you need, while ensuring that birth remains low-risk and healthy.

We have also trained to be trauma-sensitive care providers. A large percentage of the population has experienced some form of trauma or difficult experiences, and so our model of care treats every person gently and with kindness to reduce the incidence of re-traumatization and to create a space for healing. Safety, emotional and physical, is always our goal.


Having a midwife to care for you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period is a profoundly unique experience. The emphasis during your pregnancy is placed on getting to know you, learning your needs and desires, education and shared decision-making, and developing a trusting relationship. We are truly invested in your birth.







Benefits of having your baby at home with a midwife:

  • Longer prenatal visits that allow for all questions to be asked and answered along with all of the common prenatal activities like listening to the baby's heart rate, measuring baby's growth, taking your blood pressure, and fully discussing any recommended tests before they are requested. This gives you time to read and research the topic further and ask any additional questions regarding benefits, risks, and alternatives.

  • Individualized care with a provider that you know and have developed a relationship with over the course of your pregnancy. 

  • Your partner (if you have one) is considered an important and integral part of the labor and birth. 

  • You are less likely to receive unnecessary interventions. 

  •  There is a decreased likelihood that your baby will be born by cesarean section.

  •  People who give birth at home are less likely to require pain medication.

  • Midwives accommodate your needs and desires, making every attempt to safeguard your experience, while still providing safe care.

  • Water birth! Currently in Reno the only way to have a water birth if you desire one is to have your baby at home.

  • You can have as few or as many people at your birth as you'd like. Children are always welcome.

  • Home birth often costs less than hospital birth and is often covered by insurance at the preferred provider rate.

  • Mother and baby are considered a unit and we go above and beyond to keep you together. Some of the newborn exam can be done while baby is on your chest, and the rest can be done right next to you while you watch and participate, if desired.

  • More postpartum support and information with most postpartum visits occurring in your home so you can rest and recover. 


A shared decision making model of care means more support for your choices


Choosing us for your care provides the option of waterbirth in the comfort of your own home.


We offer more postpartum support visits with individual care for you and baby in your home.