Reiki Courses

All Levels of Reiki and Advanced Technique Classes 

Reiki I

Reiki is a life-changing skill that allows the student to help themselves as well as others. This is an introductory level class, the focus of which is self-healing giving students a tool for self-relaxation, calming and clarity. This level is for self reiki, but can also be utilized with children and animals. Students will begin the process of learning to connect to their intuition utilizing embodiment techniques. This class is  two half days. Students will also learn:

  • The history of Reiki

  • Reiki Principles

  • Effects of Reiki

  • Conditions that respond well to Reiki

  • Hand placements for self Reiki treatment, and more.

Reiki II

The second level of Reiki is a deeper commitment to the practice of Reiki and the treatment of self and others. This class gives the student the information and ability to begin using reiki as a professional practitioner. Reiki can be utilized in so many different professions to enhance existing skills and also works well with other Eastern and Western medical modalities and treatments. This class is 4 classes, lasting 2 hours each once a week. Students will learn:

  • Hand placements for treatment of others

  • The ethics of Reiki

  • Anatomy for Reiki

  • More in-depth information on chakras

  • Personal growth techniques

  • Reiki Myths and Misconceptions

  • Distance Reiki techniques, and more.

*Prerequisite:  Reiki I or proof of Reiki I certification

**All Reiki classes can be taken as a refresher for those who have taken them previously from any Reiki Master at half price.  Proof of previous Reiki class attendance is required.**

Reiki III Master Class

This level is called Reiki Master training and is for Reiki practitioners who want to develop a deeper awareness of self and their place in the universe. Reiki is unique to the practitioner and their path, so this class can be tailored to the unique needs of the group. Reiki Master training requires a larger time commitment than the first two levels and brings about the most profound life changes. This training includes three 5-hour classes once a month for 3 months and focuses on personal healing and personal growth as a path to the Reiki master designation. The student will complete the class  with a Reiki Master designation once all requirements are met. Reiki Master Teacher certification has additional requirements.


Proof of Reiki II Certification Required

Birth For Energy Workers

An overview of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period for energy workers.

This class is designed to help those that do energy work to gain confidence in the process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum and gain skills when working with pregnant, laboring and postpartum people. Class topics include:

  • Phases of labor

  • Anatomy of pregnancy and birth

  • Energetic centers during pregnancy, birth and postpartum 

  • Psychology of pregnancy and postpartum

  •  Emotions/common issues that arise for healing

  • Energy of various birth locations

  • Effects of trauma/abuse on the pregnancy, labor, postpartum journey

  • Energetic techniques for pregnancy, labor and birth

Class fee includes a private 1-hr Reiki session and healing attunement.

Energy For Birth Workers

Energy Basics for those who work with pregnant, laboring or postpartum people.

This class is designed to help deepen the professional work of those that serve birthing people. It will provide energetic understanding and skills for personal care and healing. Class topics include:

  • Basics of the energetic system 

  • Personal healing and its role in supporting pregnant, laboring, and postpartum people

  • Psychology of pregnancy, labor and postpartum

  • How the body energetically stores previous experiences and how that shows up in pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period

  • Energetic techniques for birth trauma

  • Energetic techniques for grounding and self-care

  • Supporting yourself while holding energetic space

Class fee includes a 1-hr private Reiki session.

Mastering Yourself 

A personal work intensive for healing practitioners

Mastering Yourself is a deep dive into personal work and personal responsibility to become the best version of yourself and a  healing practitioner.

In order to truly hold clear space for the healing of others, without agenda, without personal triggering, we must  be actively working through our own issues. None of us gets through this life without hurt, pain, and wounding, it is the nature of being a human being.  The phrase “hurt people hurt people” is the motivation for this 9 month long course. In every profession or calling, there are well intentioned people not working on their own “stuff”, and piritual bypassing is common among spiritual healing practitioners. If we are not actively working on our human issues and our own healing, we share our pain and trauma with everyone we meet.  Some of the themes we will be working with are:

  • Subconscious emotional patterns

  • Triggers as medicine- Identifying and working through your own triggers

  • Personal and vicarious trauma

  •  Intimacy and vulnerability

  • Energetic, emotional and physical boundaries

  • Energetics of money

  • Healing the lower three chakras

  • Authentic empowerment

  • Embodiment skills

  • Building Resiliance

  • Relationship with an oxytocin filled state