Emotional Preparation for Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, and Early Parenting

Having a baby often requires more of us than we realized, more knowledge, more courage, more effort. We may bring experiences, fears, or just an understanding that this is a new and unknown experience that will require all of ourselves. It asks us to dig deep. A wide range of emotions are experienced during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. The intensity of these emotions is sometimes surprising.  We often focus on the physical discomfort of birth, but it is 90% mental. There are coping mechanisms, preparations, and personal work that can vastly improve the experience of labor for many women. 


The aim of emotional preparation is to help each person address individual fears and concerns, resolve any previous trauma, identify personal strengths, identify helpful personal coping mechanisms for labor, and pinpoint life issues that may affect the process. These personal individualized sessions utilize bodywork, energy work, verbal processing, trigger mapping, and hands-on techniques. A minimum of 6 sessions are recommended, but benefits have been noted after only a few sessions.

These individual sessions prepare each woman for her journey through conception, pregnancy, labor and birth, and early parenting.