Lamaze 8-week Childbirth Education Course Enhanced with Evidence Based Birth® Content

Are you looking for a childbirth class in the Reno area, that gives you the flexibility of

online learning, but also the support of in-person connections?

When you take the Evidence Based Birth®

Childbirth Class, you will:

  • Be mentored by your own Evidence Based Birth® Instructors

  • Learn about evidence based care, comfort measures, and advocacy

  • Get prepared, get answers, get empowered!












Your Childbirth Class Includes:

  • Mentorship with Tiffany and Amanda, midwives and experienced instructors 

  • Two In-person Classes

  •  Five weeks of online video lessons for you and your partner to watch together

  • Weekly Video Chats

  • BONUS: PDF and video library with the most up to date evidence on topics like Eating and Drinking During Labor, Vitamin K, Due Dates, and more.

  • BONUS: Earn points throughout the class to redeem for prizes at the end!

  • BONUS: A reunion “birth story” gathering.

Will I Learn how to have a Natural Birth?

Evidence Based Birth® believes that every person has their own unique path. Instead of focusing on medicated vs. unmedicated birth, we focus on giving you tools and helping you learn the evidence, so that you can decide what feels right for your family.

Why Choose Us For Childbirth Education?

This class is taught by Tiffany Hoffman and Amanda Macdonald, certified professional midwives and former doulas. Tiffany is also a certified perinatal massage therapist and shares labor massage techniques during the in-person class. We feel it is so important to remember that there is no one right way or place to have a baby. We strive to help you discover the options that feel best for your family.  We have attended hundreds of births in various settings, from unmedicated homebirths to planned cesarean births in Northern Nevada, and truly understand that respect, knowledge, and support are the keys to a satisfying birth. 

Inclusion Policy:

We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for pregnant persons of any age, religion, race, sexual identity, gender identity, or relationship status.