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Amy: "Two births.  One amazing woman supporting me and my family. We clicked instantly with Tiffany.  We started meeting regularly and Tiffany provided great information.  Since this was our first child, she brought up questions we didn’t even know to ask.  It was great for first time parents.  She provided us with up-to-date information about different birth-related options and encouraged us to look into the choices we were making. The thing that I loved most about Tiffany was how she supported us in owning this birth experience. The birth of our first son was such an amazing, scary, and thrilling adventure, from the second we found out we were pregnant until the day he arrived.  Tiffany empowered us to enjoy and embrace the journey.  We delivered our first son in the hospital, with Tiffany by our side.  

We decided that we wanted do a homebirth, with Tiffany as our midwife.   There isn’t anyone we trust more when it comes to birth than Tiffany.  She is so knowledgeable about so many things. She provided us with websites and research articles and allowed us to call the shots with our whole experience.  My favorite thing about Tiffany, besides her comfort, knowledge, and experience was her availability.  If I had any question, big or small, she would always get back to me quickly.  This is never something I would get being seen by a doctor.  It makes the experience so much more personal and intimate and a lot less scary! Throughout the nine months, Tiffany empowered me and coached my husband and I into being prepared for our birth.  And at the end, she trusted us.  She gave us the confidence in our knowledge and choices.  When labor started, even though it seemed much quicker than a normal experience, she trusted us and came right over.   She caught my second son, just in time!  We were able to head straight into bed and snuggle for the rest of the day.  She quietly did all of the newborn screening things while my husband and I stared at this new life that was brought into the world.  It was an extremely calm and loving experience having Tiffany in our home.  

It’s truly difficult to put into words how Tiffany enhanced our birth experiences.  She provided a calmness that I can’t even explain in a very challenging experience.   She prepared us for what was to come, supported us during both labors, and continued to check in with us afterwards, providing an array of supports:  physical, mental, and emotional.  Childbirth is not an easy journey, but Tiffany helped us to embrace every step of it!"


Claire E: "My son was born in August 2018 at home with Tiffany. I never saw myself as someone who would have a home birth, but the limited options in the area pushed me to consider it. I am so glad I did. My experience with Tiffany was positive all around. The care I received throughout my pregnancy and during and after my son's birth was top notch, very personal, and nurturing. Tiffany truly cares about her clients and it shows in everything that she does. One of the things I love most about Tiffany is that she stays up to date on current research and modifies her practice and recommendations accordingly. Her practice is very evidence-based, which I have found to not necessarily be the norm in the Reno-Sparks medical community. I also love that Tiffany incorporates some of her experience as a doula, massage therapist, and reiki practitioner into her midwifery practice. If you are considering a home birth, I highly recommend speaking with Tiffany to see if it would be a good fit for you. It definitely was for me."


Claire D: Tiffany is amazing, she was our Midwife for our son's birth, which was an amazing experience and accomplishment for us. I would highly recommend Tiffany if you are planning on having a home birth, she was very informative, always responsive in a timely manner and very respectful of my wants and needs every step of the way. We will definitely be using her for our next child birth.


Sarah: "Where do I start? Tiffany is my hero! I cannot begin to thank her enough for the positive impact she has had on my family and I throughout the years. It's so great I almost don't want to share it, because there are some things words cannot adequately express.

Tiffany has been at all three of my births and has played a key role in every one of them.

After being my doula, my assistant midwife, and now my midwife for my 3rd birth--each time she helped me achieve the best possible birth outcomes and now officially aided me in having the home-birth of my dreams.

What Tiffany does for women is truly inspirational, and I am so glad that I had her by my side throughout my pregnancies, births, and now postpartum.

The care I received from her made what could have been a very traumatic journey through my births a loving and therapeutic process of healing and empowerment. Having a baby for me IS a sacred event. The name Sacred Space definitely defines the mantra of what a birth with this midwifery model of care is all about, honoring women and the birth of a child, as well as a mother.

I recommend Tiffany for women who would like a high quality of care that is compassionate, thorough, holistic, and intuitive."

Kristina: "I worked with Tiffany regarding my first incredibly traumatic birth. Through multiple, wonderful meetings, we delved through my birth plan, expectations, fears and needs. She opened my eyes to all the things that I had been missing within myself so that I could find my voice once the day Juniper (my second daughter) would decide to join us here on earth. 

Once I gave birth, the work we did made my experience 100% different from my first, highly traumatic one. I was able to communicate so well with my birth team, midwife and OBGYN. Fears would arise and I was able to use the tools my work with Tiffany provided me with and move through them. I can look back on my second birth with a smile and know that my womanhood, humanity and sanity where safe and protected. I wouldn’t change any of my time with her for the world and know that she blessed me with two of the greatest gifts a woman can get before her birth, her strength and her voice."

Thank you to my previous clients for sharing your stories and our journeys together. 

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“Awe-inducing events may be one of the fastest and most powerful methods of personal change and growth.” Atlas of the Heart

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