Fertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum Massage. 

Comfortable body cushion positioning system used for prenatal massages.

All oils and lotions used are 100% organic. 




Both fertility massage and Reiki for fertility can help increase the chances of conception for couples trying to conceive naturally and for those who have chosen to use assisted reproductive technologies, (ART).


Fertility massage can only be safely performed after your period has ended and before ovulation has occurred.  Reiki for fertility can be done at any time during your cycle and can enhance ART procedures when done before and after the procedures.

Techniques Used During Fertility Massage

A combination of effective therapeutic techniques are combined to help create balance in the body:
• Aromatherapy

• Lymphatic drainage

​• Myofascial release in the abdomen and hips

​• Abdominal massage

​• Reflexology

​• Acupressure

​• Reiki

• Breathwork

• Craniosacral therapy
• Relaxation massage


Pregnancy and birth are natural, healthy events in a woman’s life.  They are also times of great transformation physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  It is for these reasons that massage is essential for the mother-to-be.

A woman’s body undergoes dramatic transformations essentially altering every system of her body, beginning immediately upon conception and increasing during the course of the pregnancy and birth.  A knowledgeable massage practitioner has an understanding of the physiological changes of pregnancy and can provide clients with effective and safe bodywork for every stage of the childbearing year.

Bodywork can ease the pregnant woman’s transition through the many changes her body undergoes during each trimester of her pregnancy.


After the baby arrives, mothers are often left with aching muscles and bodies they don’t recognize.  Postpartum massage is extremely beneficial in speeding recovery, helping to restore the abdomen, and working to realign the structure of the body.  Massage also reduces the incidence of postpartum depression.


Baby care and breastfeeding often create tension and pain in a new mother’s body.  Postpartum massage can ease neck, shoulder, and back pain during this sometimes challenging transition to parenthood.

Following labor and delivery massage can:

• speed postpartum healing

• speed post-cesarean healing and reduce scar tissue

​• promote musculoskeletal realignment

​• prevent and help in the treatment of postpartum depression

​• support lactation

​• ease muscle strain caused by infant care