Our Philosphy

We view birth as a natural, normal process capable of providing deep personal growth. Each birthing person’s path is unique and worthy of respect and each may need something a little different in labor. One of the benefits of the hour long visits with a midwife is that there is time and space for us to get to know who you are and what you may need/desire during labor and postpartum.

Our practice is an evidence-based midwifery practice, utilizing research to guide decision-making. However, research does not take into account the unique experiences of each pregnant person, and there are occasions when personal preference or circumstances are the basis for making choices outside evidence-based care. We respect and support the ability and right of birthing people to choose what they feel is best for themselves and for their family. At Sacred Space Midwifery, we offer holistic, client -centered, inclusive, trauma informed care. 

Birth often works amzingly well when interfered with the least,  however there are situations in which a skilled attendant is vital.  In the event that a complication arises, an educated and skilled attendant can respond quickly and skillfully, and can facilitate transferring you to a higher level of care, if needed.

Childbearing people of all genders, orientations, religions, ethnicities, and cultures are welcome. Diversity in all areas is embraced at Sacred Space.