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Sacred Space Midwifery & Holistic Health

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At each of our 1.5 hour seminar sessions, we will cover hot topics in the birth field. You’ll get the chance to network with other professionals and earn midwifery, nursing, doula, childbirth educator, and physician contact hours!


Dates coming soon!  Class information will be available on the Midtown Midwifery Collective Events Calendar.

Topics for 2019, each worth 1.5 contact hours:


  • Normalizing Home Birth Transfers

                Designed for home birth and hospital providers, this workshop will challenge you and                        your colleagues to address your fears and concerns about transfers from planned home                  births into the hospital. What guidelines can hospital staff follow when accepting a home 

                birth transfer?  What can home birth providers do to ease the transfer? What are the

                basic safety statistics of home birth and freestanding birth centers, and what is needed                    to make home birth even safer?

  • Due Dates (with Advanced Maternal Age)

                In this seminar, we discuss the evidence on 39-week induction and for induction at or 

                past the due date. We cover the recent ARRIVE study in depth and we’ll also cover a bit

                about “advanced maternal age,” and discuss the actual numbers of increase in stillbirth

                with older age.

  • Newborn Procedures in the Golden Hour

               What is the evidence on the safety of Vitamin K? Does delayed cord clamping lead to
                jaundice? How can we help families who give birth by Cesarean get skin to skin in our
                local operating rooms? In this interactive seminar, we will take an in-depth look at the
                research evidence on newborn procedures for term infants during the “golden hour.” We
                will cover the history and research on interventions that happen during the first hour of
                life—including which procedures are the “best practices,” and which procedures can be
                safely delayed or declined!
                After attending this seminar, you will walk away with confidence in your ability to talk
                with clients about the latest evidence on skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping, bathing,
                weighing, hatting, Vitamin K, and eye ointment.