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Sleeping newborn baby in a green swaddle and a blue crocheted crown

My name is Tiffany, and I am a licensed, certified professional midwife practicing in Northern Nevada. I’ve been attending births in various roles for over 18 years and have connected with over 1,300 families during the years.  Where I shine is providing care that offers the best of both worlds.
Sacred Space Midwifery is the blending of  traditional teachings, with reverence and awe for the physiological process of birth, combined with the rigorous education and skill of evidence-based, modern midwifery practices.  I work to ensure that my clients feel physically and emotionally safe during their care. 
It is truly an honor to be present for such an intimate and transformational process.

Welcome to Sacred Space

Small blue flower with three leaves

Sacred: "entitled to reverence and respect; highly valued and important."

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