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Classes Offered


Lamaze Classes

Reno's only Lamaze Childbirth Class!

This 4-week childbirth education course covers all things birth. Lamaze education and practices are based on the best and most current medical evidence available and help families advocate for the care and experience they prefer. Lamaze is the gold standard in childbirth education and offers information on comfort measures as well as obstetric tools. Historically, Lamaze has been known for its breathing techniques however today’s classes focus on the evidence-based Six Healthy Birth Practices and providing parents with information to increase their confidence. Visit The Oasis Reno's website for more information.

Comfort Measures Class

Whether you are looking to learn techniques just to get you through early labor and your trip to the hospital, or planning on a full labor without medication for pain relief, this one-day hands-on course covers it all. You will learn and practice a wide variety of comfort techniques to improve your experience of labor. The instructors for this class have over 15 years experience in doula work and perinatal massage therapy. 

Doula at Home pressing on hip
Two couples sitting in childbirth class

Childbirth Refresher Class

Have you given birth before, but feel like a short birth class that hits all the high points would be helpful? Then we've got you covered! Along with comfort measures, this class reviews what to expect during labor, how subsequent labors differ from first labors, and allows for connection with other parents.  Visit The Oasis Reno's website for more information.

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Birth Doula with Couple

Home Birth
Preparation Class

A one-day class to help prepare families for birth at home. The topics covered include:

  • Overview of what to expect with birth at home

  • Preparing for an unmedicated birth

  • Techniques for optimal fetal positioning

  • Setting up your labor space

  • Easing the experience of transport

  •  Postpartum tips

Doula with hands on pregnant person
Parent kissing a baby in baby sling

Pregnancy Class

A Deeper Experience of Birth

This unique class addresses the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational aspects of pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. PurposeFull Pregnancy is a blending of physiology, psychology, science, and spirituality, with foundations in embodiment and personal growth that facilitate preparation for birth and parenting in a deeper, more connected way. 

This class pairs well with any other childbirth education class. It is not intended as a standalone childbirth education class.

Early Pregnancy Class

Early pregnancy can be a time of lots of questions and a need for connection with other pregnant people going through the same things. Learning will include an emphasis on discussion with some peer support sprinkled in. Topics include: 

  • Taming early pregnancy discomforts

  • What's normal physically and emotionally

  • Eating during pregnancy

  • Normal changes during pregnancy

  • What to expect in second trimester

  • Early pregnancy worries and concerns

  • General pregnancy health

Expecting Couple
Parents holding smiling baby

Family Preparation for Labor and Postpartum Support

The support of family and friends are often a treasured part of beginning the journey into parenthood. How can we support loved ones during and after birth in a way that allows them to truly feel supported? 

  • Overview of labor and what to expect

  • Support tips and tricks during an unmedicated or medicated labor

  • Discussing the birthing family's expectations

  • Ways to truly be helpful and supportive after the baby arrives

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