Insurance companies and individual plans vary widely in their maternity care coverage, but many insurance plans cover care with a midwife and birth at home. Tiffany Hoffman at Sacred Space Midwifery is currently a Preferred Provider with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Some other insurance plans offer what is called a gap exception that makes her a temporary preferred provider for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

If you would like to see what your insurance company will cover, you can submit a benefits verification. This will give you an estimate of financial responsibility should you choose Sacred Space Midwifery for your care. The cost is $25 for the benefits verification.  Click the benefits verification button below for additional information.

Another helpful service for families with no insurance, limited coverage or high deductibles is ambulance insurance. While ambulance transports are rare during labor and birth, they can be very expensive ($750-$2000). REMSA offers a very affordable Silver Saver Program that provides your household with multiple trips to the ER for only $69 a year.