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Additional Services

Early/Interim Prenatal Care

Beginning prenatal care as soon as you find out you are pregnant allows for support with any pregnancy discomforts and early pregnancy concerns. I offer short term care for those unable to begin care with their hospital based provider early in pregnancy. Your care can be transferred to your chosen  hospital based provider as soon as space is available.

Birth Processing 

The intensity that accompanies giving birth can leave many people with a complex mix of emotions. Even a birth that ends in a healthy baby and an overall positive birth experience may have some pieces that, by themselves, could benefit from processing. Visit our birth processing page for more information and a list of signs that  birth processing may benefit you. 



 There are several class options to help prepare families for birth with information, support, and tools that increase your confidence. From a full Lamaze course to quick refresher for experienced parents, we've got you covered!  Current class offerings and dates can be found at The Oasis Reno's website.

Sneak Peek Testing

Sneak Peek Clinical Testing is a fetal sex test that can predict the sex of your baby as early as 7 weeks with 99.99% accuracy. For those families that want to know, this test is performed through a blood draw from the pregnant person with next day results! This service  is available to non-clients as well as an additional option for Sacred Space clients.  

All Options Counseling

Think you might be pregnant? Unsure of what you want to do?

We provide free pregnancy testing along with heart filled counseling to help you explore ALL of your options in an unbiased and judgement free setting.  Counseling is provided by an All-Options trained provider.  Referrals provided when requested.

Miscarriage Care

Having a miscarriage is difficult both physically and emotionally.  No one should be left to experience the process with little knowledge of what to expect. Those experiencing pregnancy loss deserve heartfelt, gentle support during this difficult time. I  provide compassionate care and support by phone or in your home, explaining options, tests, or procedures as well as helping determine if additional care may be needed. 

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