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Happy Black Family with a baby


I am truly grateful to my clients for sharing their stories and our journeys together. 

Additional reviews are available on Facebook, Yelp,  and Google.

A number of previous clients have volunteered to share their experiences with families considering care with us. A list of their contact information is available upon request.

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Sarah: "Where do I start? Tiffany is my hero! I cannot begin to thank her enough for the positive impact she has had on my family and I throughout the years. It's so great I almost don't want to share it, because there are some things words cannot adequately express.

Tiffany has been at all three of my births and has played a key role in every one of them.

After being my doula, my assistant midwife, and now my midwife for my 3rd birth--each time she helped me achieve the best possible birth outcomes and now officially aided me in having the home-birth of my dreams.

What Tiffany does for women is truly inspirational, and I am so glad that I had her by my side throughout my pregnancies, births, and now postpartum.

The care I received from her made what could have been a very traumatic journey through my births a loving and therapeutic process of healing and empowerment. Having a baby for me IS a sacred event. The name Sacred Space definitely defines the mantra of what a birth with this midwifery model of care is all about, honoring women and the birth of a child, as well as a mother.

I recommend Tiffany for women who would like a high quality of care that is compassionate, thorough, holistic, and intuitive."

Parent with two children

Claire D. 

Claire D: Tiffany is amazing, she was our Midwife for our son's birth, which was an amazing experience and accomplishment for us. I would highly recommend Tiffany if you are planning on having a home birth, she was very informative, always responsive in a timely manner and very respectful of my wants and needs every step of the way. We will definitely be using her for our next child birth.

Parent with two children

Claire E.  

Claire E: "My son was born in August 2018 at home with Tiffany. I never saw myself as someone who would have a home birth, but the limited options in the area pushed me to consider it. I am so glad I did. My experience with Tiffany was positive all around. The care I received throughout my pregnancy and during and after my son's birth was top notch, very personal, and nurturing. Tiffany truly cares about her clients and it shows in everything that she does. One of the things I love most about Tiffany is that she stays up to date on current research and modifies her practice and recommendations accordingly. Her practice is very evidence-based, which I have found to not necessarily be the norm in the Reno-Sparks medical community. I also love that Tiffany incorporates some of her experience as a doula, massage therapist, and reiki practitioner into her midwifery practice. If you are considering a home birth, I highly recommend speaking with Tiffany to see if it would be a good fit for you. It definitely was for me."

Awe-inducing events may be one of the fastest and most powerful methods of personal change and growth.”                                                                                                                                                   -Atlas of the Heart

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Tiffany was my primary midwife and she supported me so much through my pregnancy and we prepared SO much for the birth. I needed much mental preparation as I have PTSD. I still freaked out but I knew that it was ok to freak out a little and I felt so safe. I also tend to bleed a lot after my births and Tiffany was very knowledgeable and shared with me many alternatives to using pitocin to stop the bleeding. I suffered from PPD with my first two kids and have been mentally thriving thanks to all her support. Tiffany and Amanda are also active in helping the community with moms that may not have as much money to spend on clothes and baby equipment. They allowed me to donate some clothes and other used baby things that could benefit other families. All and all any woman or family would be so lucky to have either of these amazing women to support them through such a fantastic and wonderful, but sometimes scary, season in life.

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No matter if this is your first, second, or 15th baby as a parent you want a provider who listens to you and truly cares. From the very first meeting I had with Tiffany, I felt as though I was confiding in my best friend. She provided me with evidence based birth knowledge and supported me through my decisions on my VBAC. Throughout my pregnancy and birth I felt as though she wanted this beautiful birth as much as I did. Every appointment, I had a million questions and she listened and went through each one with me. She even presented me with my previous C section surgery paperwork and went through that! She ALWAYS went above and beyond. By the time I had gone into labor I had built so much trust in her that when she arrived all my worries melted away. I knew it would be ok and she was all I needed. No matter what time of day it was I knew she would be there with non judgmental support. Postpartum care was so much more relaxing than making the trip to the Drs. She treated my baby with SO MUCH gentle care. The hardest part about this whole experience was saying goodbye, needless to say I cried like a baby. If you are considering having a homebirth, she is the one you need. The world needs more people and Midwives like Tiffany ESPECIALLY in these uncertain times with Covid.

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Tiffany  helped me and my husband achieve the home birth we so desperately wanted and deserved . And After two traumatic hospital births we agreed that if my pregnancy was healthy and low risk we would try to give birth at home . Being with Tiffany was the first time I felt safe in a very long time . Never once did my prenatal care turn into you are going to do this and I want you to do that . Tiffany gave us the evidence based facts and the freedom to choose which decision was best for our family . My heart feels so full and the heavy weight of birth trauma I used to carry around with me exists no longer . I just want all the women to know that you will be safe , loved and cared for with Tiffany and you will never worry about being mistreated . This should be the standard for prenatal care in our country but sadly this is not the case . If I had anymore babies they would all be born at home with Tiffiany by my side because doing it any other way would seem like madness . There will never be enough words to describe how greatful I am to my amazing birth team.

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