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Midwifery Care

Care with a midwife is an experience unlike any other. With foundations in personal autonomy, consent, and shared decision-making, your needs and desires are at the center of your care. As your midwife I invest deeply in your experience and safety with unhurried visits, hands-on care, personal attention, and a truly individualized birth experience.  Together we create a safe and sacred space for you to welcome the newest member of your family.  Another benefit to midwifery care with my practice is unrivaled access to me for concerns and questions.  Pregnancy is an exciting time that can be filled with questions and uncertainty, and you deserve a care provider who is responsive and takes your concerns seriously. Read further to learn what your care experience with Sacred Space Midwifery will offer. I have created a set of  packages that offer additional services that further enhance your prenatal, birth, and postpartum experiences. 


  All prospective home birth clients are provided  a complimentary meeting 

to connect and and ask any additional questions.

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My role as your midwife is to partner with you and provide care throughout pregnancy, continuously assessing the well being of both you and your baby while sharing resources and information that prepare you to make informed health care decisions.

Unhurried care and low client volumes allow us to cultivate a meaningful connection. We have the luxury of being able to provide longer, in-depth prenatal visits, individualized care, and unrivaled support. We will have plenty of time to discuss pregnancy related topics and  answer any and all questions you might have. I take great care during our prenatal visits to get to know you so that your wishes, preferences, and desires are well understood. 

You will have the option of all routine ultrasounds and labs, including genetic testing, however nothing about your care is routine. All options are discussed at length, with your decision being paramount.  Your prenatal visits are every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks pregnant, and then every 2 weeks until you are 36 weeks. After that we meet weekly until your baby arrives.

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Labor and Birth

Giving birth at home will allow you to labor in the way you feel safest: walking your hallways, seeking comfort in your own shower or bedroom, surrounded by the support people of your choice. 

You can choose to give birth in your own bedroom or have a glorious water birth. You are encouraged to add all of your favorite comforts such as calming scents, candles, dim lights, and your favorite music. At home, you are the architect of your environment. 


Our small, skilled birth team will join you when labor is active or when you are ready for us. We consider ourselves invited guests with knowledge, and you are the undisputed leader of your care team.  During your labor we follow your lead by supporting you from a safe distance, or being more involved, depending on your needs and desires.  We regularly assess the well-being of both you and your baby, quietly monitoring in whichever position you are laboring. Additional technology is often unneeded, but is used if appropriate, medically indicated, and consented to by you.  

We are trained to handle complications when they occasionally arise.  And while most planned home births stay at home, my goal during labor is for you to be in the location that is the safest for you and for your baby based on what is happening during your labor. 



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Once your baby is born, truly enjoy your golden hour while receiving one-on-one, unhurried attention.  Again following your lead, the newborn exam and postpartum assessments are performed after the golden hour is observed with gentle loving kindness. While you revel in the experience that just unfolded and begin to bond as a family, the birth team serves you snacks and cleans your space.


We stay for several hours to ensure both you and baby are healthy and ready for rest before tucking you in to your own bed. We will then let ourselves out, leaving  you to enjoy your new addition - resting and recovering in your own home without interruption. 

We continue to be available and on-call for you even after we leave your home for any questions or concerns that might arise. 

Your first postpartum visit occurs the next day, and after that we will have several at-home visits together.  Our care comes to a bittersweet close at our 6 week office visit. 

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