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Anyone can benefit from processing their birth experience, but it can be extremely beneficial for those experiencing any of the following:

- A lack of confidence in your ability to parent or rejection of your natural instincts
- Hypervigilance in your care of your baby​
- Feelings of disappointment or emptiness

- ​Feelings of failure

- Anger with your partner​
- Feeling so overwhelmed by the trauma of your birth that you are having a hard time fully expressing your love for your baby

- Feeling disconnected and ambivalent

- Feelings of fear or dread regarding future or subsequent pregnancy

Birth Processing
and signs that you may benefit 

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Situations That May Contribute to Unresolved Feelings After Birth:

- A long labor, or a very fast painful labor

- Lack of privacy or dignity

- Feeling unheard or coerced

- Situation that felt physically or emotionally violating

- Fear for baby’s or your own safety

- NICU stay

- Previous trauma

- Not feeling adequately supported

- Complications that arose during the pregnancy, labor, or postpartum period

- Unexpected transport to the hospital with a planned home birth

- Unexpected cesarean birth

- Miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss

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Asking for help can be hard after a traumatic birth. Here is what one client had to say about the ways birth processing helped her prepare for her upcoming labor and birth...

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"I worked with Tiffany regarding my first incredibly traumatic birth. Through multiple, wonderful meetings, we delved through my birth plan, expectations, fears and needs. She opened my eyes to all the things that I had been missing within myself so that I could find my voice once the day Juniper (my second daughter) would decide to join us here on earth. 

Once I gave birth, the work we did made my experience 100% different from my first, highly traumatic one. I was able to communicate so well with my birth team, midwife and OBGYN. Fears would arise and I was able to use the tools my work with Tiffany provided me with and move through them. I can look back on my second birth with a smile and know that my womanhood, humanity and sanity where safe and protected. I wouldn’t change any of my time with her for the world and know that she blessed me with two of the greatest gifts a woman can get before her birth, her strength and her voice."


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