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Miscarriage Care

Having a miscarriage is difficult physically and emotionally. This can be made even more difficult when women are left to experience the process alone without much knowledge of what to expect. Those experiencing a pregnancy loss deserve heartfelt, gentle, respectful care. We provide support while at the hospital or at home, explaining options, tests, procedures as well as compassionate support.

When experiencing a miscarriage, you have options. You may choose to go to the hospital to undergo a procedure, utilize medications, or stay at home.  Many people experiencing miscarriages at home may be unsure of what to expect, what is considered safe, and when they should seek medical attention.  The intensity of the sensations and emotions that accompany a miscarriage may be surprising. Having someone to guide you through the process can make it feel less scary and isolating. A knowledgeable provider or support person that is available by phone and can visit you in your home, if desired or needed, can make a big difference in how you feel throughout and following a miscarriage.


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Care is individualized, and may include:

- Support during the process- emotional, physical, and informational support in person or over the phone

- Meeting before the symptoms begin, if possible, to discuss what to expect, and ways to prepare for the process, and discuss your options for completing the miscarriage

- Informational materials to help with what to expect and how to recover

- Taking blood pressure, pulse, and temperature to ensure everything remains normal and assessment of normal bleeding

- Administration of needed medications, if you have an Rh negative blood type

- Help with genetic testing, if miscarriages are recurrent, to try to determine the cause if desired

- Next day follow-up

- Emotional processing of your loss

- Medical referral to a higher level of care, when necessary

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