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Everyone can benefit from processing their birth experience, but it can be extremely beneficial for those experiencing any of the following:


- A lack of confidence in your ability to parent or rejection of your natural instincts
- Hypervigilance in your care of your baby​
- Feelings of disappointment or emptiness

- ​Feelings of failure

- Anger with your partner​
- Feeling so overwhelmed by the trauma of your birth that you are having a hard time fully expressing your love for your baby

- Feeling disconnected and ambivalent

- Feelings of fear or dread regarding future or subsequent pregnancy

Situations That May Contribute to Unresolved Feelings After Birth:

- A long labor, or a very fast painful labor

- Lack of privacy or dignity

- Feeling unheard or coerced

- Situation that felt physically or emotionally violating

- Fear for baby’s or your own safety

- NICU stay

- Previous trauma

- Not feeling adequately supported

- Complications that arose during the pregnancy, labor, or postpartum period

- Unexpected transport to the hospital with a planned home birth

- Unexpected cesarean birth

- Miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss

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Birth Processing
and signs that you may benefit 

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